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Anyone who has experienced a contemporary Hawaiian lu'au (feast) will find kalua pig a main part of the menu. Traditionally, the pig was cooked in an underground pit and served in plaited baskets made of coconut fronds or on large banana leaves. The shredded pork was just as tender and moist as a pork butt roasted in an electric or gas oven. The word kalua refers to the process of cooking in an earth oven (ka, the; lua, hole).

Throughout Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and even the Americas, traditional underground ovens have been utilized to cook and steam food. The Hawaiians used a pit oven, called an imu, to steam whole pigs, breadfruit, bananas, sweet potatoes, taro, chicken, and fish. The imu was essentially an underground steam cooker. Due to the amount of time and labor to prepare the imu, most earth oven cooking was done for group meals, festivities, or religious ceremonies.
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Pineapple Chicken 
A sweet and tangy mixture of pineapple and slowly
sauteed chicken, with a hint of garlic and island seasonings.
Small Tray - $55.00 Large Tray - $95.00

Aloha Beef with Vegetables
Made with small slivers of onions, ginger,
Napa Cabbage and Bean Sprouts. Our Sirloin Beef is sliced and marinated in our gourmet sauce,
 then tossed with fresh vegetables.
Small Tray $55.00 Large Tray $95.00

Teriyaki Beef 
Thinly sliced Sirloin beef marinated in our special teriyaki sauce and our island seasonings.
Small Tray - $60.00 Large Tray - $120.00

Teriyaki Chicken
Whole pieces of chicken marinated in our special
teriyaki sauce and seasonings.
Small Tray $60.00 Large Tray $120.00

Beef or Pork Kalbi Ribs
Slowly marinated beef or pork short ribs in a
mixture of Korean spices and seasonings.
Small Tray $65.00 Large Tray $135.00

Island Style Spare-ribs
Slowly steamed until tender in sweet honey, soy sauce and tropical juices.
Small Tray - $60.00 Large Tray - $120.00


Kalua Pork - Smoked pork that has been slowly steamed for several hours
with Hawaiian salt and soy sauce until it is so tender that it melts in
your mouth.
Small Tray - $60.00 Large Tray - $120.00

Lomi Lomi Salmon 
Fresh Salmon diced and tossed with green onions, white onions, and fresh red tomatoes. Seasoned with Hawaiian Salt.
Small Tray - $60.00 Large Tray - $120.00

Chicken Long Rice
Long rice noodles with strips of chicken in a savory broth,seasoned with ginger, green onions, and soy sauce.
Small Tray - $40.00 Large Tray - $80.00

 Fresh Ahi cut in to small cubes lightly seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, green onions, and assorted seasonings.
Small Tray - $65.00 Large Tray - $130.00 
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