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About Chef Beorn
Chef Beorn is esteemed for his passion and heart for creating memorable food experiences that overflow to his guests. He is professionally trained through world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu at the California School of Culinary Arts and since 1999 has amassed years of experience in large volume Corporate and Private Catering. His culinary specialties include a global fusion of Hawaiian, Pacific Rim, and Santa Maria Style Barbecue. 

Chef Beorn’s ability to think and operate “out side the box”, creates a pronounced breath of fresh air that innovates the catering industry.

Sharing a meal means sharing yourself and a bit of your culture. It can be a time to replenish and center yourself. Food is art and to me it is entertainment; first for the eyes and then the rest of our senses. I grew up in a Los Angeles suburb. I’m from a multi-cultural family with a Hawaiian mom, an African-American dad and we lived in a Mexican neighborhood so guess what—my cooking has been influenced by that cultural blend!

What got me into food? Revenge! Yes, revenge on bad food and poor service. Fresh, Fun, and Friendly represent who I am when it comes to food service.

I come from a family of professional cooks; 3 sisters and two brothers (and me) who make a living converting clients into friends while taking them on a culinary journey. So come aboard—to nearby and far by destinations for a temporary retreat…with me, Chef Beorn!

Everyone deserves to enjoy food that’s fresh, fun, and friendly! And if it gives you an interesting story to tell too…that’s a BONUS! 
BeornAppetit! ® | contactbeornappetit@gmail.com | Phoenix, 85022 (480) 795-1112
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